About me

Hello,Dr. Rosmy Barrios my name is Dr. Rosmy Barrios. I am a medical doctor, anti-aging specialist, and regenerative-aesthetics.com® expert.

The well-being of my patients is the number one priority for me. I believe that health and beauty should not be separated. After all, when we feel better we look better and the other way around.

Most people are not aware of how much they can do today for their health and beauty, in terms of treatment and prevention. That is why I started regenerative-aesthetics.com®, to bring the capabilities of contemporary medicine closer to the wider public.

Modern medicine, especially regenerative medicine, is capable of curing complex conditions and its aesthetic potential is completely revolutionary. Today it is possible to treat most signs and consequences of aging, with great success.

I want to tell you everything about the amazing potential of aesthetic and regenerative medicine. All the procedures that you will read about on this page are backed by science, medically tested and already available.

I will not tell you that an apple a day will keep the doctor away, or waste your time with some experimental supplements, medications, and treatments. What you will find here is only pure and well-tested medicine that works.

The regenerative-aesthetics.com® is your one-stop-shop for health and beauty. The information on the page is comprehensive. I will tell you what you can do for yourself, how it will help you, and where you can get it done. After that, it is up to you to decide.

Be the healthiest and best-looking version of yourself.

Dr. Rosmy Barrios


Dr. Rosmy Barrios is a medical doctor and aesthetic medicine specialist. She graduated at the Universidad Del Norte’s school of medicine and specialized aesthetic and anti-aging medicine at John F. Kennedy University in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Dr. Barrios’ career is an international one. She worked on three continents and is fluent in as many languages. Her passion for research and new technologies brought her to the world of regenerative aesthetics, a place where she feels at home.

As a renowned aesthetic medicine expert, Dr. Barrios is a member of several advisory boards where she uses her knowledge and experience to help cosmetic companies create high-quality, safe, and science-backed products.

Dr. Rosmy Barrios currently heads the department of regenerative aesthetics at IM Clinic, an international regenerative medicine clinic based in Belgrade, Serbia.