Does at Home Laser Hair Removal Work?

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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

At home laser hair removal is becoming increasingly popular as the devices become cheaper, with so many on the market it’s hard not to wonder if the promise of at home permanent hair removal is too good to be true. Thankfully for you I’ve tried it out so keep reading to learn if at home laser hair removal really works.

Does it work?

In short yes! At home laser hair removal devices really do work, the hair simply stops growing back which is great news for anyone who hates shaving but loves being smooth. Here are all the pros and cons that you need to know before investing in an IPL laser:


You could be saving money

If you’ve been considering getting in-salon laser hair removal but been put off by the price then at home laser hair removal could be for you! A home IPL laser is merely a third of the price of in-salon hair removal making it a bargain for anyone on more of a budget. Also if you’re a regular waxer then a home laser could also save you money over the course of a couple of years – a major plus!

It’s painless hair removal

Waxing or epilating is normally the only way to get long lasting hair removal however there’s no denying that they’re very painful! If you hate the pain of waxing then you’ll be happy to hear that home laser hair removal is pretty much painless making it a great hair removal option. It’s also good to note that’s it’s far less painful than in-salon laser hair removal.

No more annoying razor bumps or ingrown hairs

One of the most annoying thing about shaving constantly is the razor bumps, sensitive skin and ingrown hairs. Having now had months without any of these issues thanks to the laser I wouldn’t want them back – it’s probably the biggest selling point of the IPL laser for me!

However there are a few catches…

You have to be consistent

That means using the laser every two weeks for at least two months then every four -six weeks for months after that, if you skip a time then the results are going to be delayed. Essentially from my experience you need to keep using the laser every month for at least a year if you want the results to be ‘permanent’ ie. no hair growth ever again.

It’s quite boring to be honest

Ok not the biggest deal but something to consider when you’re going to be doing it quite often, the promises that it only takes a few minutes is true for the armpits but legs take a bit longer. So it’s only worth investing if you know have 30-40 mins for some ‘me time’ on a regular basis.

It only works on some skin and hair tones

It is crucial to note that at home IPL lasers only work on select skin tones and hair colours. The best combination is dark hair on fair skin – essentially the bigger the contrast in colour the better. That means blond hair on fair skin or dark hair on dark skin wouldn’t work.

You have to be patient

Unfortunately at home laser hair removal doesn’t have an immediate effect and it will take a least a month to truly start seeing results. With patience however it’s totally worth it!

I hope this post can help you decide whether at home laser hair removal is for you. Even with the drawbacks I love the results and would personally recommend it for anyone bored of shaving!


This article was originally published on The Goddess Blog.