Medical Professional

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the challenges it has gone through to achieve that beauty."

Medical professional means any person licensed or certified to provide health care services to natural persons, including but not limited to, a physician, dentist, nurse, chiropractor, optometrist, physical or occupational therapist, social worker, clinical dietitian, clinical psychologist, licensed professional counselor, licensed marriage and family therapist, pharmacist, or speech therapist.

We’ll keep you updated about all the latest happenings in the healthcare field and the field of aesthetic beauty.

Our growing membership of companies includes primary care providers and specialists who share a common goal – focus more on patient care and less on paperwork.

Medical Professional Services has the expertise to help you navigate the aesthetics beauty company of all shapes and sizes, to fulfill all of your requirements and expectations.

We support member practices that aim to improve patient experience and population health and decrease negative impact and restlessness.

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Quality and Commitment Is Everything

With the changing nature of aesthetic medicine and increasing scrutiny at all levels, it is increasingly necessary to change the way aesthetic medicine is practiced.

The first requirement is to ensure that the space used for medical treatments meets medical standards and is equipped with emergency protocols and supplies.

In most salons where medical treatments are being introduced, it is good practice for all staff to undergo basic life support training.

Find a medical professional who takes their aesthetic practice seriously, is highly trained, and insists on working with high-quality, well-researched products.

Medical professionals are still learning about the long-term implications of many cosmetic procedures, so it is important that all aesthetic HCPs remain up to date with the extensive research happening in the arena of aesthetic medicine.

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